Giggles and Tickles Toybrary



What are the reasons to become a member?  Becoming a Toybrary member allows you to offer your child a regular rotation of high quality toys, games, and educational opportunities for their cognitive and physical development  You save money by not having to regularly buy your child new toys. It saves you space by storing less, clears out the clutter and helps the environment by throwing away less.  So members save money, storage space and the environment! Also enjoy being able to try out a toy prior to purchasing it to find out if your child truly loves it and does not grow bored of it easily.


Are the toys sanitary? We only stock toys that are easy to clean and disinfect.  Before a toy is put back on the lending shelf, it is checked for safety, pieces are counted, the toy is cleaned and bagged back up, ready for the next little person to play with!


How are the toys cleaned?  Each toys is wiped down with a non toxic disinfecting cleaner.  The most common cleaners are supplied by Seventh Generation and Sol-U-Guard by Melaleuca. Each cleaning product is FDA approved to kill 99.99% of common household viruses including influenza and rhinovirus (common cold). After each toy is disinfected, it is sealed in a bag and ready to be borrowed!


Who becomes a member?  Usually our members are moms, dads and care givers, eager to spend less while providing more play experiences to their child. Grandparents, Aunts, and extended family are welcome to join the toybrary as a limited member and borrow toys just when little ones come to visit so there is plenty to play with!


How many toys can I borrow?  There are different levels of membership, some allow you to borrow up to three toys and some just one.  


How long can I keep a toy? Each toy may be borrowed for two weeks then must be returned.  If there is not another family to waiting to borrow your toy, you may renew it for another two weeks.


What age range do your toys cover? The Toybrary toys are geared towards children ages 3 months through age 7, however the majority are for children ages 6 months to 5 years of age.


What kind of toys are there to borrow?  There are so many choices! The inventory has many categories including infant toys, toddler toys (stacking toys, shape sorters, etc) building toys, role play, arts and crafts, musical instruments, physical play, toys focusing on cognitive development, alphabet toys, puzzles, and games.


What about broken toys or missing pieces? When a toy is returned, pieces are counted and the toy is checked to be in working order. There is a small charge for missing pieces, however if you find that piece a week later under the bed, we will gladly return your money. A replacement fee is charged for lost or irreparably broken toys.  


Where can I park?  There is off street parking behind Giggles & Tickles as well as street parking right in front of the store.


Do you accept donations?  We LOVE donations.  Toys are meant to be played with and when your child outgrows a toy or becomes bored with it, bring it on in.  We love to adopt toys and give them a second life, to be well loved!