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Thank you for stopping by and learning about Giggles & Tickles! The Toybrary was an idea that began bumping around in my head over 10 years ago!  As a mom, I just knew there was a better way to foster the play children needed without spending all the money toys cost.  So many toys I purchased ended up sitting on a shelf after being played with for a few days.  But I always seemed to give into that sweet, persuasive, smile "mooooom-mmmm, please can I have this, I love it, I promise I will take care of it!!"  And poof- another toy sitting on the shelf. 


For over 20 years I have worked in the Early Childhood Education Field.   I began my career teaching a toddler class and bounced around the ages, loving each group for its own special traits and abilities.  In 1998 I became the Director of Christ Lutheran Child Care Center in Chestnut Hill.  There, I worked for 15 years managing and guiding the Center into a formative program while adhering to a high standard of early childhood education. Yet, I always had the thought in the back of my mind, what if parents could offer limitless play experiences to their children, something that children very much need to optimally grow and develop, but not spend so much money?  And what if they could have more toys without the clutter at home? And how about meeting other moms?


While I loved directing a child care center, I very much missed the interaction of working directly with children, engaging them, inspiring them and encouraging them to be curious about this exciting  new world around them. Thus, Giggles & Tickles started to turn from an idea into a reality.  And here we are, with hundreds of toys to borrow, classes to experience and giggles to be had!  I love what I do!  I love the laughter of children and most of all, I love the ah-ha moment a child has when they finally figure something out for the very first time.  I am glad you are here and I hope you decide to become a part of the Giggles & Tickles Toybrary.   We would love to have you!



Melissa Delaney-Doliner


Your questions, comments, and feedback are valuable tools in helping the Toybrary grow!  Don't have a toy you would like to see?  Tell us about it!